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Department of Horticulture

 Dr. Shirin Dianati Daylami (The Hed Of Department)

   Email: dianati@ut.ac.ir


Ph. D.  in  Horticultural Science, Physiology and Breeding of Flowers and Ornamental Plants (2009-2014), Department of Horticulture  Sciences and Landescape, university of Tehran, Karaj, Alborze, Iran

Title of dissertation: Study of seed germination, floral transition and experssion of some related gen in some Iranian Orchids.

M. Sc. in Horticultural Science,  (1998-2001), Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Tehran University, Karaj,Tehrn, Iran.

Title of thesis: Effect of nitrogen nutritions and pinching on stock plant and flowering of Poinsettia "Euphorbia pulcherrima Willd."

B. Sc. in Horticultural Science (1994-1998), Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Tehran University, Karaj, Tehran, Iran.  

  • Breeding Ornamental Plants (Ph.D)
  •  Plant cell and tissue culture (M.Sc)
  • Plant Propagation (B.Sc)
  • Indoor Ornamental Plants (B.Sc)
  • Flower and Vegetable Plant Breedings (B.Sc)
  • Green House and Nursery management (B.Sc)
  • Principal and General Horticulture (B.Sc)
  • Planting Design in Landescape (M.Sc)
  • Agricultural Operations (B.Sc)
  • Seminr (M.Sc)
  • Progect (B.Sc)

Physiology ang Breeding of Flower and Ornamental Plants

Collection Native Plants (For example: Iris, Tulip, ...) and research on them

Collection, Propagation and Breeding of Native and industrial Orchids (Salep)

Propagation and Breeding of Commerical Orchids (Ornamental Pot or Cut Flowers)


  • Theories of Evoloution (review), 2010, Seyed Ahmad Sadat Noori and Shirin Dianati Daylami, University of Tehran Press (UTPN), Tehran, Iran, 437pages.

  • An Introduction to Horticultural Sciences (Pomology, Floriculture, Olericulture, Mdicind Plants etc.), 1998, Kourosh Vahdati, Shirin Dianati Daylami, ...., Faculty of Agriculture Press (University of Tehran), Karaj, Tehran, 90 Pages.
  • Shirin Moradi, Shirin Dianati Daylami*, Mostafa Arab and Kourosh Vahdati, 2016, Direct somatic embryogenesis in Epipactis Veratrifolia, a temperate terrestrial orchid, The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology,
  • Yekta Navabi, Maryam Norouzi*, Mostafa Arab, Shirin Dianati Daylami, 2016, Mutagenesis via Exposure to Gamma-rays in Tuberose (Polianthes Tuberosa), Electronic Journal of Biology,  Vol.12(2): 168-172

  • Shirin Moradi*, Shirin Dianati Daylami, Kourosh Vahdati and Mostafa Arab , 2015, Direct Somatic Embryogenesis of Two Iranian Native Orchid Species Using Protocorm Explants, Iranian Journal of Horticultural Science and Technology 16 (1): 137-148

  • Parisa Shekarriz*, Mohsen Kafi, Shirin Dianati Deilamy, 2014, Coconut Water and Peptone Improve Seed Germination and Protocorm Like Body Formation of Hybrid Phalaenopsis, Agriculture science developments, Vol(3), No (10), pp. 317-322

  • Parisa Shekarriz*, Shirin Dianati Daylami, Mohsen Kafi and Masoud Mirmasoumi, 2014, Determination of suitable medium for non symbiotic germination of self pollinated seeds of phalaenopsis ‘Kyoto’, Breeding of Agronomic and Horticultural Crops, Vol. 2 , No. 1.

  • Shirin Dianati*, Mohsen Kafi,Valiollah Mozaffarian and Ali Reza Salami, 2013,  Introduce the suitable medium for asymbiotic germination of Epipactis veratrifolia, Crops Improvement, Col. 15, No. 2.

Department of Horticulture

College of Aburaihan

University of Tehran





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