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In vitro Embryo Production Laboratory

(IVEP Lab.)

Department of Animal Science
College of Aburaihan, University of Tehran
Pakdasht, Tehran, Iran.

Tel/Fax: +98 21 36040907


In Vitro Embryo Production (IVEP) is the process of creating embryos from oocytes (unfertilized egg cells) by fertilizing them with semen in a Petri dish. Oocytes are first collected from the ovaries of donors by ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration. They are then matured in a Petri dish and fertilized 20-24 hours later. Conventional, sexedfrozen, or reverse-sorted semen may be used for fertilization. Oocytes then develop in an incubator for seven days, at which point the resulting viable embryos are transferred into recipients. 



for Bachelor Students in Animal Science:

  • Anatomy and Physiology in Farm Animals
  • Animal Reproduction
  • Seminar

for Master Students in Animal Science: 

  • Animal Physiology
  • Animal Biotechnology
  • Seminar

for PhD students in Animal Nutrition: 

  • Animal Digestive Physiology 

All aspects of assisted reproduction in animals and human. Specific interest in embryo production in vitro using in vitro fertilisation technology and related techniques as tools in the understanding of the control of early mammalian embryonic development and motality. Also an interest in germ cell/stem cell and cryopreservation of sperm/embryos.


Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Rajabi, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh, H. Mohseni-khouchesfehani, F. Farifteh-Nobijari, M. Salehi. Pronuclear epigenetic modification of protamine deficient human sperm following injection into mouse oocytes. Syst Biol Reprod Med. 2016 Apr;62(2):125-32.
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  • Arash Veshkini,  Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh*, Ali Akbar Khadem, Ali Asadi Alamouti, Masoud Soleimani, Eduardo L. Gastal. Linolenic acid (omega-3) improves oocyte and embryo developmental competence and decreases apoptosis of in vitro-produced blastocysts. Zygote. 2015 Nov 20:1-12.
  • Vahid Mohammadi, Shokoufe Ghazanfari, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh, Mohammad Hassan Nazaran. Comparative Effects of Zinc-Nano complex, Zinc-Sulphate and Zinc-Methionine on Performance in Broiler Chicken. Br Poult Sci. 2015 Aug;56(4):486-93.
  • Hossein Vaseghi-Dodaran, Mahdi Zhandi, Mohsen Sharafi, E Nejati-Amiri, Ardeshir Nejati-Javaremi, Masoud Soleimani, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh. Effect of ethanol induced mild stress on post-thawed bull sperm quality. Cryobiology. 2015 Aug;71(1):12-7. 
  • Arash Veshkini, Sina Khazabi, Mehdi Aminafshar, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh, Mehmet Ulas Cinar, Mahdi Zhandi, Masoud Soleimani. Effect of Linolenic acid during in vitro maturation of ovine oocytes: embryonic developmental potential and mRNA abundances of genes involved in apoptosis. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2015 Apr;32(4):653-9.
  • Amir Hossein Abazari-Kia, Maryam Dehghani-Mohammadabadi, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh*, Mahdi Zhandi, Mohammad Salehi. Regulation of embryonic development and apoptotic-related gene expression by brain-derived neurotrophic factor in two different culture conditions in ovine. Theriogenology. 2015 Apr;32(4):653-9.
  • Abbaspour B., SharifiS. Davood., Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh A. Dietary supplementation of Gracilariopsis persica is associated with some quality related sera and egg yolk parameters in laying quails. J Sci Food Agric. 2015 Feb;95(3):643-8.
  • Maryam Jahanpanah MSc; Farzaneh Pourasgari; Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh; Abdolreza Ardeshirylajimi; Mahnaz Azarnia; Seyed Davood Sharifi; Masoud Soleimani. Pluripotentcy properties of embryonic stem cells isolated from stage X blastoderm of native chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus). Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand). 2014 Dec 30;60(6):8-15.
  • Mahdi Khodaei Motlagh, Mohsen Sharafi, Mahdi Zhandi, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh, Malek Shakeri, Saeed Zeinoaldini. Antioxidant activity of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) extract in ram soybean lecithin-based semen extender during freeze-thaw cycle. Cryobiology. 2014 Oct;69(2):217-22.
  • Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh, Arash Veshkini, Athena Hajarizadeh, Fatemeh Jamshidi-Adegani, Mahdi Zhandi, Amir Hossein Abazari-kia, Mehmet Ulas Cinar, Masoud Soleimani, Eduardo L. Gastal. Association of cytoplasmic lipid content, developmental competence, and expression of candidate genes for oocyte quality with G6PDH- 2 activity in a sheep model. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2014 Aug;31(8):1089-98.
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  • Zaynab Zanganeh, Mahdi Zhandi, Ahmad Zare-Shahneh, Abozar Najafi, Mohammad Mahdi Nabi, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh. Does rosemary aqueous extract improve buck semen cryopreservation? Small Ruminant Research, Volume 114, Issue 1, August 2013, Pages 120-125.
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Conference Publications

  • Amir Hossein Abazari-kia, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh, Mohammad Salehi, Mahdi Zhandi. Addition of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in maturation medium improved in vitro meiotic competence of ovine oocytes and subsequent parthenogenetic development. 41st Annual Conference of the IETS Versailles, France Au Palais des Congres de Versailles January 10-13, 2015.
  • Hamid Reza Mazangi, Hamid Deldar, Nasser Emamjomeh Kashan, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh. Royal jelly treatment during oocyte maturation improves in vitro meiotic competence of goat oocytes by influencing intracellular glutathione synthesis and apoptosis gene expression. 41st Annual Conference of the IETS Versailles, France Au Palais des Congres de Versailles January 10-13, 2015.
  • Hossein Vaseghi-Dodaran, Mahdi Zhandi, Mohsen Sharafi, Elaheh Nejati-Amiri, Ardeshir Nejati-Javaremi, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh. Stress preconditioning of spermatozoa with sub-lethal concentrations of ethanol improve post-thaw sperm quality in bull. 41st Annual Conference of the IETS Versailles, France Au Palais des Congres de Versailles January 10-13, 2015.
  • Arash Veshkini, Mahboobeh Khajenabi, Abdollah Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh. α-linolenic acid in maturation medium: implications for blastocyst yield, blastocyst quality, and expression of Bax, Bcl-2, and p53 genes. 41st Annual Conference of the IETS Versailles, France Au Palais des Congres de Versailles January 10-13, 2015.
  • Hossein Vaseghi-Dodaran, Mahdi Zhandi, Mohsen Sharafi, Elahe Nejati Amiri, Ardeshir Nejati Javaremi, Abdollah Mohammadi Sangcheshmeh. Exposure to sub-lethal concentration of ethanol as a new approach to improve bull sperm cryosurvival. Dairy Cattle Symposium April 24-26 2014. Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey.
  • Abdollah Mohammadi Sangcheshmeh, Hamid Khalouei, Ali Asadi Alamouti, Nima Farzaneh, Mahdi Dehghani Sanij. Induction of sub-acute ruminal acidosis affects reproductive performance in Holstein heifers. Dairy Cattle Symposium April 24-26 2014. Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey.
  • Abdollah Mohammadi Sangcheshmeh, Raana Jahanbin, Parisa Yazdanshenas, Mehdi Aminafshar, Mohammad Chamani, Hamid Varnasseri. Does zinc nano-complex, SPC, improve bull semen quality after freeze-thawing? Dairy Cattle Symposium April 24-26 2014. Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey.
  • Veshkini, A.-A. Khadem, M. Soleimani, R. Jahanbin, M. Salehi, A. A. Alamouti, A. Salehi, K. Schellander, M. Hoelker, A. Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh. Exogenous linolenic acid in oocyte maturation media promotes nuclear maturation and parthenogenetic preimplantation embryonic development in the goat. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, Vol. 25 No. 3 Pages 587 – 587. 
  • Veshkini, A.A. Khadem, S. Zangoee, H. Khalouei, M.U. Cinar, A.A. Alamouti, Hoelker, K. Scellander, A. Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh. Effect of α-linolenic acid on goat oocyte developmental competence and expression of apoptotic-related genes in subsequent blastocysts. 29th Annual Meeting A.E.T.E. – Istanbul, Turkey, 6th – 7th September 2013.
  • Mohammadi-Sangcheshmeh A, Held E, Tesfaye D, Schellander K, Hoelker M (2012): Zona pellucida birefringence correlates with cumulus morphology and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity of equine oocytes. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 24(1) 192-192.
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Year: 2011- Till now:

Department of Animal Science, College of Aburaihan, University of Tehran

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Stem Cell Technology Research Center, Tehran, Iran

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Saint Mary Fertility Center

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Department of Animal Science, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University

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Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization

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Agricultural Research & Education Organization

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Islamic Azad University of QaemShahr

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Department of Anatomy, University of Medical College, Sari, Mazandaran, Iran.

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Department of Biotechnology, Animal Science Research Institute of Iran (ASRI), Karaj, Iran.


University College Of Aburaihan,

University Of Tehran, Pakdasht,

Tehran, Iran.

Postal Code: 3391653755

Telephone: 0098 21 36040907 
Email: amohammadis@ut.ac.ir
2015 Veshkini, Arash PhD Metabolic, immune and genetic responses of ewes fed with fish oil contained diet during pre- and post-partum periods

2014 Mahdavi, Fatemeh MSc Design and fabrication of polylactide nanofibrous scaffold containing bioactive glass nanoparticles with mesenchymal stem cells for bone tissue engineering in Turkoman horse
2014 Hashemi, Maral MSc Design and fabrication of polylactide nanofibrous scaffolds containing hydroxyapatite nanoparticles with mesenchymal stem cells for bone tissue engineering Turkoman horse
2015 Shahrokhi, Nilofar MSc Effect of Oleoropein on differentiation inducing of Isolated stem cells from adipose tissue to bone cells in Commercial laying hens